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Jim Dexter is currently a police sergeant with 18 years policing experience who also spent 10 years in the volunteer fire service.  He is currently assigned as a patrol Sergeant and SWAT Commander on a multi-jurisdictional team.  As an FBI certified Firearms Instructor and American Safety and Health Institute Emergency Medical  Responder Instructor. Jim combines the experiences in his background to deliver a curriculum tailored to your environment.  Jim is a State of Illinois Basic SWAT, FBI Pistol Instructor and Red Dot Pistol Instructor, an Illinois Tactical Officers Association Active Threat Master Instructor as well as a graduate of the Tactical Combat Casualty Care- Medical Provider course.  All Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) content has been marked as approved educational content by the Committee on TECC.


Having served with the US Army in Iraq Jim brings both tactical and medical experience to law enforcement and citizens alike as a Stop The Bleed Instructor and Tactical Emergency Combat Care Instructor.  His prior employment with the Federal Air Marshal Service has placed him in locations around the world where preparation and possession of a "sound" skill-set was crucial. As a former Director of Emergency Management Jim retains skills in emergency planning, exercise planning and facility planning.  Jim has extensive end user experience and training in Red Dot Sight (RDS) equipped pistols and has assisted multiple police departments nationwide in the approval and implementation of RDS pistols. He has published RDS implementation articles and is cited in firearm manufacturer RDS programs.  Tactically Sound Training Center has approved Pistol Mounted Optic cirriculum through Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board and Jim serves as the Firearms Instructor Instructor for MTU 3.  Jim is a member of the Walther Arms Defense Division and former member of Tactical Team Staccato. He is a Staff Instructor for Modern Samurai Project and holds MSP Black Belt Patch #41.


Just took the Civilian First Care Provider class in Villa Park, IL. It was an outstanding class. Jim Dexter is clearly passionate about what he teaches and he took time to interact with each student individually. There were great training aids and the information taught has real life application. I have always had medical kits close by but now I keep one on my person. I hope to take many more Tactically Sound training classes in the future.

TECC class attendee

The war on terror has drawn on many of America's strengths, and one of the greatest strengths is the citizen-soldier, like Specialist James Dexter of the Illinois National Guard. At home, Specialist Dexter is a volunteer fire fighter. In Iraq, he is serving as a military police officer. On three separate occasions in a single month, Specialist Dexter rushed to the scene of traffic accidents, twice saving the lives of American soldiers and Iraqi citizens, and once putting out a dangerous fire.

President George W. Bush 11/14/03

Got an opportunity to sit through Jim’s MRDS for patrol course at the 2018 ILETTA Conference. He’s a wealth of knowledge and as far as I could take away from it, a subject matter expert in the field. I was skeptical of running a red dot on my duty pistol, but took the plunge and haven’t regretted it once. It’s absolutely a force multiplier (day or low light use as away).
Jim also assisted me in getting my Dept. to approve MRDS for duty use. Took less than a month (lightning fast for admin approval for those who know). Looking forward to getting out and putting some rounds down range in one of your classes.

IL Police Officer

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